How To Organise Your Child’s Closet?

How To Organise Your Child’s Closet?

The kids' room is a mess. Well, it has been said loud and clear now.

While you love your kids, it can be a daunting task to organise their closets. It takes hours to set up their wardrobe, only for it to be messy within minutes.

With these simple tips and tricks, you would not have to set up your child's closet every other day.

  • Take everything out

Think of the empty closet as your canvas and the clothes as paints. Start with a blank canvas and slowly add different paints to get a beautiful painting.

When you empty the closet, you would be able to analyse it properly.

Start sorting things out. Make a mental list of where the trousers, shirts, t-shirts, and jeans should go.

  • Sort the mess you do not need

Separate the clothes that your kids do not wear anymore.

A child’s growth is rapid, and before you know it, the clothes do not fit them anymore.

And if you are one of the parents who think of the future and have bought a size or two bigger, do not worry. You can sort them out and keep them on the top shelf of the closet.

You can donate the ones that do not fit them anymore.

  • Different categories/labels for everything

Stock different items in labelled boxes and cabinets. This is a great way to make them learn independence and organisation.

You could make separate cabinets for occasion-appropriate clothing.

You could also use pictures and labels to help them learn quickly.

  • Attachments with the clothing rod

Another brilliant way is to hang an organiser attachment on the clothing rod. Each section of the organiser could have a set of clothes for every day.

There is a dual advantage here. One- they would be independent, and two- they would have a different style each day.

  • Keeping the clothes at the child’s height

The closet shelves are built according to an adult’s height. And when kids try to reach them they cannot maintain a balance and eventually, it is a mess.

You can install adjustable bars and shelves according to their height. As they grow, you can shift them up.

  • Organising items that cannot be hung

Most parents hang fancy clothes and would prefer to stock the nightwear on the shelves.

You could opt to make sets of t-shirts and PJs or you could make separate piles for all the t-shirts and PJs. Give your children the liberty to mix and match the sets.

Stock all the alike clothes together- all shirts in one cabinet and all jeans in the other.

  • Shoes

Keeping the shoes in the bottom rack together often results in a mess. The shoes have a longer life if organised properly.

You can devote a designated area for shoes. Keep each shoe set in separate small boxes.

There is also an option for stackable plastic baskets.

Summing Up

It is crucial to maintain your child’s closet and make them learn the importance of organisation.

When organising their closet, think from their perspective and keep their daily use items within their reach.

Lastly, let them give their input on what goes where.

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