Skirt Outfit Ideas for Kids in Autumn

Skirt Outfit Ideas for Kids in Autumn

Winters are here, and it is time to say goodbye to shorts and skirts. Or is it?

Kids can be very adamant when it comes to clothing, and it becomes a tedious task for the parents to dress them in weather-appropriate clothes. Let’s just say there are ample options for girls' clothes online.

Your little princesses love to wear skirts because they are flowy and comfier. Skirts never go out of trend, and you get different options like a variety of prints, a variety of styles like skater skirts, A-line skirts, ruffle skirts, and a variety of fabrics like denim skirts, cotton skirts, and leather skirts.

No doubt skirts are comfier than pants, and your girls do not feel restricted in the outfit. But how to style skirts in winter? And how to protect your kids from the winter weather?

We’ll clear all your doubts in this blog. So if this interests you, keep reading further.

  • Skirts with Sweatshirts

Wearing comfy and weather-appropriate clothes is not as difficult as it sounds. Pullover sweatshirts are the go-to outfit for every occasion. So why not pair them with some solid A-line skirts?

A sweatshirt would keep your kid warm, and to add a layer of warmth at the bottom, pair the skirt with black tights.

It would provide warmth and also a style statement to your kid’s outfit.

Pro Tip- You can add thigh-high boots to give an extra protection layer and comfort to your girls.

  • High Waist Velvet Skirt with Turtleneck

If your child is not comfortable wearing tights, then there is always a way out. You can invest in a warm high waist velvet skirt.

Velvet is considered a warm fabric for winter and goes perfectly with both flats and velvet boots. You can even tuck in a turtleneck sweatshirt with long velvet skirts to make your kid party-ready.

Author advice: Pair a wool/cashmere skirt with white sports shoes and make the best comfiest outfit for kids in winter.

  • Thigh-high High Socks and Denim Skirt

Denim in hot humid climates might be too warm and make your kid cranky. They make a perfect choice for autumn.

A knee-length denim skirt with thigh-high socks and Chelsea boots gives a cute vibe to the outfit and protects them from the beginning of the winter breeze.

Denim never goes out of fashion, and the fabric would not irritate your kid’s skin. Pair the denim skirt with a white plain t-shirt for girls and a denim jacket.

Denim on denim might seem like a weird outfit choice, but the outfit stands out when paired with white sneakers.

  • Skirt Dungaree Dress

Yes, it is not exactly what you had in mind when looking for skirt outfits for winter. But anything to make your child happy and keep them warm, right?

Calf long skirt dungaree dress for girls fits the criteria and makes the perfect outfit choice. It is comfortable, and flowy, and gives the skirt outfit vibe.

At the top, you can pair it with a turtleneck sweater or a girls’ woollen top and white sneakers at the bottom. A pair of black tights would compliment the outfit well.

Which Outfit to Choose?

All these are trending and comfortable skirt outfits. The right winter skirt outfit depends on the weather conditions you live in. Pairing the skirt with woollen/cashmere tights and winter boots is the perfect choice for snowy winters.

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