Summer is quite a vibrant season, but there are a few hues that you will be seeing everywhere you go. Especially for children, there are varied options. The popularity of these hues have been continuously growing on various shopping platforms and a lot of parents have been adding them to their children's summer wardrobe already. Wearing the perfect colour would also enhance the vibe of the outfit that the little one is wearing.

The major summer 2022 hues for children that will allure us with their charm and texture are:


This colour has an energizing trait that helps it to stand out in both digital and real settings. It is intense and seems unreal. It also has the quality of versatility that helps it to work across different seasons and continents giving the kids a lot of options.

As colours have a psychological impact on children, usage of this colour in summers will be a great way to create some sense of positivity. Due to its vibrant nature, it can have an edge in the segment of swimwear and party wear as well. This colour has become really popular recently and is not showing any indication of slowing down.

It is an eco-friendly and joy inducing theme and thus really loved by the kids.


The olive oil hue has replaced the green colour. This tone would definitely show its dominance in the children's domain. This colour is inspired by nature and has a calming vibe in itself.

Kids will definitely go for it due to its uniqueness. It turns out to go equally well in both the summer as well as winter seasons. It goes very well with subdued shades rather than bright colours. This colour helps the children look holistic from head to toe.


This colour gained a lot of popularity and it would hang in the wardrobes for many more months to come. This yellowish cream colour will rule the children segment due to its soothing nature. 

It is very easy to pull this colour off for every kind of skin tone. This colour can be worn in any way or in different outfits. It is such an enticing hue that it would surely brighten the mood. It is a cool hue and turns out to be the perfect summer colour for children.


This colour is a brilliant fusion of the colours orange and yellow. These two colours have been deliciously blended with each other. This hue brings out feelings of optimism. It is indeed one of the best shades that could be worn in the summer season, bringing out a dose of some good positive energy.

Children really feel energetic wearing it. This colour is worth the investment if parents are looking forward to splurge some money this summer over their children. This colour would literally make the little ones feel as if you are on a vacation. Breezy summer garments in this colour are an essential for the children. 


This shade has great resemblance with the indigo coloured dyes and the ocean as well. It is quite perfect for the active wear segment as well as for the basics. This colour is evergreen and works very well on its own. This colour could also be worn with any colour of your choice.

This is one of the finest saturated hues and kids look really attractive wearing it. It could turn out to be the primary hue for kids in summer 2022. One great way to wear it is with some jewellery. The children can pair this colour up with almost everything. 

These colours symbolize the dual nature of the season showing both organic nature and digital nature. These colours will undoubtedly be the talk of the town for the summer season. They are quite appealing in themselves and also portray some sort of innovation.

These warm weather pieces are soon to be the trending colours for the summer season 2022. Children should stick to these colours to make an everlasting impression. Kids can look fashion forward after dawning such colours this summer.

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