Which Fabric is Best for Baby Clothes?

Which Fabric is Best for Baby Clothes?

Every parent is careful of what their baby wears- especially the little ones.

Having a baby and taking care of them is a life-changing experience. You want them to be comfortable and warm in what they wear.

Much like following the fashion trends for kids, you need to be careful about the fabric choice.

So what fabric clothes for babies should you buy?

The following are the top choice fabrics for baby clothes:

  • Cotton is the best option.

Organic 100% cotton fabric is suitable for baby clothes. It is warm, soft, and stretchable.

A baby's skin is more porous than an adult's, it absorbs more chemicals from synthetic products.

On the other hand, organic cotton is more delicate than the others and prevents their delicate skin. It is made of very fine thread.

But different types of cotton offer different softness and delicacy.

Gingham is a type of hard-wearing cotton suitable for baby clothes. It is also easy to print different patterns on this cotton fabric.

You will get hundreds of options to buy printed shorts online in Gingham cotton.

Other types of cotton include madras cotton, lawn cotton, poly-cotton, and silk cotton.

Pro Tip- Not all types of cotton are suitable for baby clothes.

  • What is Muslin?

There is no more breathable fabric for baby clothes than muslin. It is available in different densities- from coarse muslin cloth to somewhat dense.

Muslin is another type of cotton fabric usually used to make swaddling clothes and burp clothes.

Muslin has high absorbent power and thus is the preferred choice for diaper cloth. Wrapping your babies younger than 6 months in muslin clothes protects them from direct UV rays.

It is available in both single and double gauze. Muslin is also famous for manufacturing baby blankets.

Double gauze muslin cloth offers more benefits since it has two distinct layers of gauze tacked together.

  • Beneficiary Bamboo

Did you also imagine a panda with a bamboo stick in its hands? That’s what most people imagine!

But bamboo rayon is great for manufacturing hats and kids' garments. Bamboo rayon is a soft and durable material for baby clothes. The cellulose from bamboo plants gives it durability.

It has non-allergen properties and is the best fabric option for sensitive skin. Moreover, it is the top choice for vegan and eco-conscious parents.

Besides, bamboo rayon is thermal regulating, which means it does not let the baby’s body get too hot. Thus, making the bamboo rayon garments best for summer days.

  • Fantastic Fleece

Enough about the summer fabrics. The list of fabrics for baby clothes is incomplete without mention of at least one go-to winter fabric.

Fleece is a great way to add layers to your child’s clothing. It is not too heavy and being a winter fabric, it is soft and breathable.

Moreover, it is machine-washable and dries quickly. Although it is a polyester-based fabric, it does not irritate the baby’s skin.

However, unlike bamboo rayon, it is not thermal regulating and if worn in a hot environment, can lead to a baby’s skin overheating.

Key Takeaways

Nowadays, the fabric industries understand the need for soft and durable fabric for kids' garments.

Cotton is the best fabric option if you live in a hot and humid environment. You can buy printed jumpsuits online in the cotton fabric from Ziama.

We have the best fabric garments for your little ones, and that too at an affordable price. We believe quality exceeds everything, and that is our motto.
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