Zodiac Style Files- How to Dress your Virgo Kid?

Zodiac Style Files- How to Dress your Virgo Kid?

Dressing a Virgo kid is the most simple and simultaneously the most daunting task.

Virgo kids are not impulsive. They would contemplate each decision and lay out a comparison between the pros and cons.

You might have observed your Virgo kid organising and keeping their closet clean. However, this perfectionist nature makes buying kids' clothes online an intimidating chore.

One thing is certain- they seem to be practical and cautious of how they present themselves.

This article is here to help you with the clothes and accessories choice for your Virgo kids.

  • What should Virgo Fashion Include?

Virgo prefers minimalist and traditional clothing. It is an earth sign and thus favours earthy colours.

On close observation, you might discover something new. Their whole wardrobe contains only minimalist colours like black, beige, brown, and white.

An unorganised closet makes them a mess as well. It is better to organise the clothes according to different occasions.

You can also segregate the clothes based on what goes where- the hanger rod or the shelves. 

They choose clean clothing over bold ones. Simplicity is the Virgo kids’ go-to mantra. Virgo mixes elegance with practicality in the clothing.

Buy Virgo kids’ clothes online that are not too much in your face. They want nothing more than to look presentable yet casual.

Kids grow fast and in the blink of an eye, the clothes don’t fit them anymore. However, try to incorporate longer-staying clothes in their wardrobe. They are not very fond of too many clothing changes.

  • What Kind of Colours do Virgo Kids Prefer?

Earthy tones and neutral colours make them feel closer to the earth. They feel more comfortable and in their element.

It is understandable to think that Virgo might like blue more than brown because of their birthstone. Do not make the mistake of buying something in deep blue for your Virgo kid.

Their colour palate bends towards bland and muted. Besides the browns, some might also deviate towards olive green.

  • Patterns for Virgo Kids

Unlike Cancerians, who are the most romantic of all the zodiacs, Virgos do not depict their emotions openly.

It is ideal for them to mix in the crowd rather than wear lurid colours. If you are dressing your Virgo kids, choose solid colours.

If you do want to combine the solids with some patterns, opt for subtle ones. Maybe some tiny dots, hearts, or even flowers.

When buying boys' clothes online, you can get some printed t-shirts with little stars or even thin and minimal lines.

  • Shirts for Virgo Kids

Virgo’s like a sense of freedom and anything too high irritates them. While buying their shirts, filter the v-necks and simple designs.

Try picking shirts with practical pockets and a comfortable fit. Avoid any edgy features or innovative trends. Try buying soft fabrics like cashmere, silk, cotton, or chiffon.

The clothes should look nice and crisp. Virgo particularly pays attention to the chest area and wants it to accentuate its features.

They even prefer denim. Denim looks natural but also gives a classy and elegant vibe.

Let your kids experiment with the different fabrics and colours!

  • Dresses for Virgo Kids

Virgos do not like to stock their wardrobe with tons of clothes for every occasion. They are content with buying a simple dress for multiple events.

Do not buy too long, too short, or too flamboyant dresses. The dresses should have modest designs with few buttons or small patterns.

If the dress is too simple for the occasion, you can layer it up. Try adding a denim jacket or a cardigan to the dress.

Ziama offers exquisite dresses for girls. They are the perfect choice for Virgo kids, with minimal floral and check prints.

Summing Up

When it comes to fashion, Virgos typically concentrate on a simple yet elegant approach.

Virgo favours roundness, less saturation, and modesty. When buying clothes for a Virgo kid avoid squares, more saturation, and high-energy clothes.

These simple tips and tricks will help you dress your kid in an elegant yet fashionable way.
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